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3000 - Workshop : Workshop #1 Rooten

Deze workshop staat in het teken van de rooting techniek.

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Starter Kit: 6`` Reborning Starter Kit

There are hobbyist out there looking for something new. They’ve heard about reborning but have not found a supplier yet. Become their chosen supplier with our new Beginner’s 6” Reborning Starter Kit. This is the best priced Secrist Starter Kit ever! With an investment this low who could say no to giving reborning a try? 
Good for ages 8 - 88! You can complete a doll in just 2 hours or less. 

  Missy                           Taffy                              Zoe

*This offer is good only while supplies last. Supplies are limited; buy your starter kits today! 
The Tutorial CD works only on computers, it will not play in a DVD player. Computers older then four years or lacking the traditional video cards usually installed on computers may not play the tutorial video correctly or at all. 

Here’s what the Beginner's 6" Reborning Starter Kit includes… 
• One 6” Super Soft Mini (Missy-Taffy-Zoe)
- Includes FREE cloth body, garment, and bonnet! 
• Tutorial CD: Painting Minis in Just 3 Steps (Plays on your PC!)
- Video Teaching Three Steps to Painting a Mini Reborn 
- PDF Printable Tutorial of Three Steps to Painting a Mini Reborn 
- PDF Printable Tutorial of Mini Assembly 
• Small Berry Maker (Skin Texture Tool) 
• Economy Liner Brush 
• Economy ½” Mop Brush 
• ¾ Ounces Odorless Thinner in Dropper Bottle
• Strawberry Complexion Blush Paint 
• Strawberry Complexion Crease & Wrinkle Paint 
• Petite Flesh 08 
• Two Cosmetic Sponges 
• FREE 2008 Tutorial Guide Catalog

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