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6240 - Lesboek 1 : Peaches & Creams Complexion

Leer schilderen deel 1: Peaches & Creams kleuren Techniek met de Genesis verf.

Artikelcode: 6240

Tutorial Book 1: Peaches & Creams Complexion
Learn to Paint: Peaches & Creams Coloring Techniques with Genesis Heat Set Paints. 
Part 1

Excellence in Reborn Artistry™: Learn the Art Coloring Techniques with Genesis Heat Set Paints for Reborns & Doll Making Kits 

PART 1: Peaches and Creams
Wished your dolls had that Peaches and Creams Complexion? You know, the one that looks so perfect and without blemish? Then this is the book for you. Learn to use Genesis Heat Set Paints to create the most beautiful Collectible & Heirloom “One of a Kind” Dolls. This art book provides the following valuable information for the beginner: Create you base skin tone from the inside with Internal “color wash” application techniques; See the Peaches and Cream Complexion techniques come alive on three of the Secrist doll kits: Zoe, Ming & Starling; A wonderful technique for your perfect baby or toddler. Also includes Facial Accents including sleepy eyes and Body Art options; sure to create a heirloom and/or collectible doll. Bring to life, your own Custom Reborn Baby; Isn’t it time for A Precious Heirloom Baby of your very own? 

100 Full Color Pictures for your learning enjoyment.

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