Rubens Barn Dolls

Rubens Barn Original - 50 cm
Rubens Barn Little  - 40 cm
Rubens Barn Linné - 25 cm

Rubens Barn Baby - 45 cm
Rubens Barn Cuties - 35 cm
Rubens Barn Ballerina - 24 cm
Rubens Barn Cosmos - 38 cm
Rubens Barn Kids - 36 cm
Rubens Barn Goodies - 24 cm

These splendid Dolls of Rubens barn Swedes are original, hand-made products, for children of all ages. On the photograph above to see your Right for the Ewa Jarenskog. The headstocks are safe, deliciously gentle and look at you with their large eyes always pleasant. Each headstock has its own irradiation and character. You must hold them simply just as and cuddle. .

Rubens barn stimulates dolls creativity 
and motivates to play and communicates. 
But a gentle doll gives also a feeling of 
security and offers sometimes comforts.

Rubens barn Doll is there for everyone!

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