Peterborough 2007

The ferry from Oostende (Belgium) to Ramsgate (UK) at 06.00 AM!!!! We left home with a fully packed car at 03.00 AM!!!
Our hotel in Peterborough
Wilma finally made it to the hotelroom at 03.00 PM after a journey of 12 hours.
Pat's teaching the class from from 09.00 AM 'till 06.00 PM.... 
....with Claire's help.
The heatguns must help make paints permanent.
Nova is cuddling Claire's Jasmine.
After a lunch break back at work.
Pat's giving indications.
They're painting newborn doll Taffy.
Pat is very satisfied!
In the lobby where Peter is waiting for Wilma, arrived also the first people for the doll show tomorow
Sundaymorning 06.30 AM! Peter is packing the car for the show.
All looks fine and we can leave.
Look there is a road sign "Doll show"
There is the Holliday Inn hotel in Peterborough
Wilma is preparing everything for the show.
Thanks to Mae for the banner; 
it's looking great!
She's done a terrific job
Pat is talking to Peter about the ceramic tiles with photographs of the dolls and is curious how you make them.
In the meantime...the hall is crowded with people waiting to get in..... 
People showing their baby dolls.
This pregnant customer asked to sit down for a while.
Lots of people at the show.
Pat has met a lot of visitors and we met Marina from Sweden!!
These visitors wanted a picture ....
Had some questons too...
And wanted their dolls signed.
Thanks Pat for the photograph and signature, your're the best!! 
Another question..... 
Met Peter and Wilma of Atelier Wiesje 
Secrist Doll Company Europe
Even the little ones were cuddling their doll.
Left..... right..... babies everywhere.
Visitors enjoy the show
A breathing baby.....
beautifully made.
Visitors showing their own doll.
Another proud mom!
Linda Stubbs and her babies. 
She was one of the students of Pat's class.
Crowded with people all day long.
And here is Nova who was also a student of yesterday's class.
Last picture of the show.... BABIES!!
Wilma's saying goodbye to Ramsgate
The harbour of Ramsgate. 
And heading for home at 06.00 PM.
We'll soon need a truck of our own!! 
Wilma is waving goodbye to England Thanks for all your kindness, we'll be back soon!!!

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