Return Policy

Return Guarantee

Product purchase guarantee: 
Customers of Atelier Wiesje that ordered goods can always and without any reason return the products with in 10 days as from the date that you received the order.
After this 10 day period all sales are final. 
However, applies to these return a number of conditions. These stand below: 

Conditions retour send: 
You have us within 10 days after reception of your order by e-mail notified that you will send one or more Products from your order return.
The Products after your e-mail report are retour received 7 days.
The Products in original state and packing are return received, entirely and intact. Insufficiently or stamped retourzendingen are not adopted.
Discountend products and/or temporary offers cannot be sent retour.
Specially ordered products cannot be sent retour.

Due to copyright protection all DVDs, Magazine, Special Technique Tutorials and all technique guides are non-returnable. These products may not be returned for a refund. Defective products may be exchanged only (no refunds or credits) for exactly the same title returned. 

If you satisfy these conditions to all, a possible already remitted purchase amount will be booked after reception of the retourzending to you. 

NB.: the Shippingcost for the order and returnorder are for own account, unless it has been made wrong by Atelier Wiesje . Appraisal of this, lies at all times at Atelier Wiesje.

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