Reborn Baby Kits

All warranties are void if the vinyl is heated from the inside for any purpose other than drying the genesis paint as we cannot predict what may happen. The vinyl can crack or bubble which is not the fault of the manufacturer or the inspection process. If you decide to heat your vinyl you must do so at YOUR OWN RISK.


 Aleina Peterson

 Andrea Arcello

 Cassie Brace

 Cindy Musgrove

 Conny Burke

 Danielle Zweers

 Denise Pratt

 Donna Rubert

 Elisa Marx

 Eva Helland

 Gudrun Legler

 Heather Boncham

 Heike Kolpin

 Ina Orgus

 Jade Warner

 Julia Homa

 Karola Wegerich

 Kellie Beckett

 Laura Tuzio Ross

 Lilianne Breedveld

 Lilly Gold

 Linda Murray

 Linde Scherer

 Marissa May

 Melanie Gebhardt

 Melody Hess

 Natali Blick

 Nikki Johnston

 Olga Auer

 Pat Moulton

 Pat Secrist

 Ping Lau

 Priscilla Lopes

 Romy Strydom


 Sabine Altenkirch

 Sabine Wegner

 Sabrina Hergarten

 Sebilla Bos

 Severine Piret

 Sheila Mrofka

 Sigrid Bock

 Simon Laurens

 Tina Kewy


 Tomas Dyprat

 Ulrike Gall

 Violet Parker

 Beestenboel Reborn Kits

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