General conditions Gift vouchers

In supplement on our general sale conditions these gift voucher conditions apply which are offered Atelier Wiesje. By to use of these Atelier Wiesje gift voucher you agree with the relevance of the applying conditions and link you these to observe itself.

 1. These conditions  on gift vouchers (both electronic and pressed gift vouchers) that Atelier Wiesje applies is offered.

2. Every gift voucher is provide with an unique code. This a number code or text code can be. Every gift voucher/code is only once supplied. YOU must keep the gift voucher and the code carefully. In case of robber stable (among which understood tevens the use by unauthorized person third parties of the code) or loss (among which understood erases tevens it (accidentally) of e-mails) no compensation takes place. Only original gift vouchers and codes can be used and serve on request to Atelier Wiesje to be supplied. Atelier Wiesje preserves himself the right for accept a gift voucher exclusively after reception of the original gift voucher (in case of electronic gift voucher the e-mail which by Atelier Wiesje to you has been sent and in which the code has been taken).

 3. Each gift voucher has an unique code these has been mentioned on the front of the gift voucher. To use a gift voucher you serve the products in the ", selected by you; Shopping cart" to place. During the orderproces you select "Coupon Discount" and you fill in the exact code. if you want more gift vouchers exchange then fill in the field "Comments" the exact codes of the vouchers, we send you then information of your voucher and process the amounts of the gift vouchers.

4. The nature, value, duration, due date and/or possibly appropriate remaining specific use conditions find you on the gift voucher and/or in the expression (e-mail) in which the gift voucher code has been incorporated. Every gift voucher is a period certain during valid. After the due date the gift voucher can be no longer used.

5. gift vouchers spent Atelier Wiesje are to the point of purchases at Atelier Wiesje exclusively exchangeable and are possible in two manners become spends 1. in this web shop 2. in our shop in the Bilt, Netherlands 

6. gift vouchers cannot be used for being existing orders.

7. gift vouchers or residual value of it are not exchangeable for money.

8. If the amound of the voucher is lower than the value of the order, the difference must be paid.

9. It has not been permitted gift vouchers or the functioning of it modify, falsify, undermine or otherwise to damage (among which understood hacking).

10. Every (attempt to) fraud or other not permitted operation is registered and leads that the use of gift vouchers is denied.

11. It has not been permitted gift vouchers also to use for commercial aims and/or other aims then for which these have been spent.

12. Atelier Wiesje accepts absolutely no liability for damage or for the functioning of gift vouchers which cannot use by the use or of gift vouchers arises. Exclusion of liability does not apply to damage which is to blame to set-up or grove debt on the side of Atelier Wiesje. In this case the liability has been restricted to compensation of direct damage to persons or matter.

13. These gift voucher conditions can be modified from time up to time. Atelier Wiesje will announce modifications swiftly on the Internet site. We guess you to consult the gift voucher conditions each time for the use of a gift voucher. You continue enter after of the modifications gift vouchers to use, then you accept with that the modified gift voucher conditions

14. By ordering you can exchange an indefinite number of gift vouchers.

15. Have you overcharge or observations concerning the use of let the gift vouchers or problems at exchanging us this then as soon as possible to be possible getting in touch with our customer service. Atelier Wiesje your e-mail will treat then as soon as possible. 

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