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We have now several doll magazines 
1- Secrist catalog language English
including tutorials plus all the newest Secrist dolls and products. 
A must have for anyone interested in reborning - hobbyist and professionals alike! 
The catalog show you all the supplies you have to choose from and how they are used! 

2- Poppen en Teddyberen language Dutch
is a Dutch doll and bear magazine have existed since 1988 and have been illustrated magazine in the field of dolls have collected and have made in the Netherlands and Belgium. Thick 56 pagina' s with many reportages in colour, concerning dollartists and a workshop Reboring with Gennesis paint by Atelier Wiesje -Wilma Abels. 

3 - Lifelike Dolls language English
is North America's Premiere Reborning and Sculpting Magazine. Developed by reborn artists Sheri McDonald and Cheryl Bage, each issue focuses on realism in doll art and is designed to appeal to artists and collectors alike. With a variety of articles, tutorials and editorials in every issue, there is sure to be something of interest to all of our readers. Each issue will feature an established artist, an up and coming artist and a collector, and there will be unique and interesting lead stories in every issue. 

4- Magazine Babypuppen language German
Baby dolls Reborn Special Given change of the Dollami publishing house Of Germany of largest doll magazine Extra charge about Reborn dolls! The renowned doll magazine Dollami presents the new trend within the doll range in this special edition: Reborn baby! On approx. 50 sides well-known artists of the Reborn scene show beautiful photos of its new models and tell from its doll life 

 Secrist catalog (USA)