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What Are Authentic Reborn Brand Heat Set Paints? 

Authentic Reborn Brand Paints 
Wouldn't it be nice if someone made paints designed specifically for the needs of reborn artists? Now someone has done just that. Welcome to the world of Authentic Reborn brand paints. This company has spent that last year studying the needs of reborn artists. They interviewed many to ask about the problems they face in painting realistic newborns and what they would like to see to solve these problems. With the input of many reborners in hand Authentic Reborn brand was able to launch a year long research program that resulted in two kinds of paints: Gentle Touch and High Intensity Professional. 

Gentle Touch paints focus on the needs of reborners that desire to paint their babies with a more soft realistic appearance. Too many times they have seen their babies turn out with blush so dark that the baby looked either embarrassed or sick. At other times the babies appeared to have lipstick on. Creases and wrinkles looked like lacerations instead of sweet baby fat folds. Some even had eyebrows so dark and heavy that they looked like Groucho Marx. Authentic Reborn took these complaints and boiled them down to these specific problems:

1. The paint colors go on too dark or intense 
2. Using the right amount of odorless thinner to control intensity is very difficult 
3. Mixing colors involves too much guess work as colors don't turn out well 
4. Odorless thinner makes paints too watery and runny to use

By understanding the root problems Authentic Reborn brand was able to create the Gentle Touch series that has these wonderful benefits:

You don't need any odorless thinner (except to clean your brush out) 
The paint flows smoothly along the vinyl without running 
The paint is already transparent so you don't need to thin it 
A complete set of premixed baby-like complexion paint colors is available 

Now reborners can paint veins that look barely-there and lips that look realistically soft. They can apply blush without worrying about making it too dark. The crease and wrinkles look like gentle shadows in the folds instead blood in a cut. The eyebrows can now be painted in petite thin lines that look very much like baby hair. And lastly the foundation skin texture pattern can be applied without looking chalky. 

Gentle Touch also includes a series of selected Primary, secondary, and intermediate colors for those reborners that want to do a bit of their own color mixing. With Gentle Touch characteristics these paints have never been easier to mix. They are much more forgiving than high intensity colors which means that you don't have to worry about measuring paint down to the head of a toothpick anymore. This means that its easier to add a little of this or that without overdoing it and ruining the color. You can even increase the level of transparency more if you like by adding measured amounts of our Color Thinning Medium. Color Thinning Medium not only increases the see-through-factor (transparency) of your paint but it also makes it flow better. 

Authentic Reborn brand believes that the most durable and long lasting, fade resistant paints come from those paint families that use an activator to cure. Air dry paints do not have such an activator and therefore have a lower mechanical bond with the vinyl and tend to fade or change color with time. This means that they are less durable and can wear or flake off over time. Authentic Reborn brand chose to produce paints that were heat activated and cured thereby creating a bond with the vinyl that locks them together. Authentic Reborn brand paints heat activate at 265° Fahrenheit or 130° Celsius. They recommend 8 minutes baking time. Gentle Touch paints require no thinner at all

Gentle Touch paints let you get as creative as you like without creating headaches for you. 
Authentic Reborn brand High Intensity Professional paints are for the traditional artists' that prefers to use thinner with their paints. High Intensity Professional paints have high levels of color content and will stand up to the strong diluting effects of odorless thinner. The pigments in these paints are very strong so a little goes a very long way when mixing. These paints can be mixed and applied like any other heat-set paint. Odorless thinner can be used with these paints. Premixed paints are not available in High Intensity Professional. High Intensity Professional paints heat activate at 265° Fahrenheit or 130° Celsius. Recommended baking time is 8 minutes. 

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