How to use Premixes Paint

Tips for Successful Complexion Application
Using Strawberry or Peaches & Cream Complexion Premixed Paints
By Pat Secrist 

Blush: Apply 5 drops of the odorless thinner to a sponge in a 5 dot pattern like you would see on the face of playing dice. The 5 dot patter makes it easy for the paint to transfer from the sponge to the vinyl. 
Next take a craft stick and apply the strawberry blush to the sponge smoothing the paint directly into the sponge until there are no blobs or paint streaks left on the surface of the sponge at all. Now you are ready to pounce the blush onto the vinyl. Reload the sponge in the same manner as needed for darker blush. 
You don't even need a paint palette for this step. You can work right out of the jar. 
For the most realistic look apply a very fine and even blush layer BEFORE your flesh 08 paint layer. Then apply a more solid blush layer again. 

Lips: Use the filbert brush to scoop a very tiny, tiny amount right from the jar of lip paint. Apply the paint to the inside of the lips first then spread the paint outward. The goal is to not add any additional paint to the lips - you want a thin, natural-looking coating of paint. Usually two coats of paint is more then enough. 
If you use a tiny enough amount then you should be able to spread it around so the lips have no streaks or smudges at all. 
The lip color should be very light and translucent. You should be able to almost see through the color to the vinyl beneath it. Real babies lips are very light in color - too dark and they look like they're wearing lipstick! 
Creases and Wrinkles: Use the small round brush and dip a very tiny amount right from the jar of crease & wrinkle paint. Next paint each wrinkle and crease. Reload brush as necessary. Don't use any thinner at all. 
Once you have painted all of the creases & wrinkles go back and lightly blot each one with a cosmetic foam wedge to pick up excess paint. Do not press too hard or you will lift the paint right out of the wrinkle or crease. 
Next, go back and feather the creases using your 1/2" mop brush. Feather in a direction that is perpendicular to the direction of the crease. Again, feather very lightly so that you don't remove all of the paint from the crease. Your goal is to soften the edges of the paint line in the crease. 

For best results stir your premixed paints every once in awhile before using them.