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Reborning Whit genesis Heat Set Paint. 
Text: Wilma Abels - van Tuijl 
Pictures: Secrist Dolls USA /Secrist Dolls Europe - Atelier Wiesje de Bilt 

If you want to reborn with Genesis paints the general information is important to read!  Genesis paints are so called "heat set paints". This means that they will only be permanent  after heating at 130 degrees Celsius (or 265 degrees Fahrenheit) in your kitchen oven for about 8 minutes. Always use a thermometer as this exact temparature is important. It will protect your doll lims from over heating or even melting as well!!* 
You can also set the paint by heating it with a heat gun. Big advantage of using a heat gun is that you do the heating in your working area and after heating the paint you can go on painting. (this way of working is my favourite way also when we work with reborn classes) 
Both ways of heating will be explained more extendedly later on. 
Genesis paints are obtainable in two different kind of jars. The larger jars (30 ml.) and as the so called (developed by Secrist ) "petite paints" of 5 ml.. 
Also two starter kits have been developed with either small or larger jars with just the colors you need for reborning. 

You can thin the Genesis paints with odorless thinner which enables you to thin to a consistancy of water or with the Genesis thinning medium which will keep your paint creamy. Use and old tile or any non plastic surface to thin the paints. Ideal for me works the porcelain paint palette which has a daisy 
shape and can contain more thinned colors to work with at the same time with also the thinner or thinning medium at hand in the middle! 
For applying the paints to the doll head and limbs we use cosmetic sponges. Easy to apply different layers of thinned paint and because of their fine structure they will make "pores" into your baby's skin!! To achieve the best results in structure the paints are pounced onto the surface. 
All Genesis skin colors are called "Flesh" tones followed by a number. The higher the number the lighter the color, so Flesh 08 is the caucasian (lightest) flesh color. 
A caucasian baby's skin is painted with a combination of the Flesh 07 and 08 and a dark baby with the Flesh 03 and 05. 
Genesis has a total of 7 different flesh colors available which are also available as petite paints in a special "Flesh tones petite paints set". Of course you are able to mix your own skin colors by using different colors from this set. 
Beside the "painting" with the cosmetic sponges also brushes are used. 
For painting veins and and eyebrows fine datil brushes are used for mottling two different sizes of mop brushes are available. Mouth and nails will be painted with a so called "filbert brush", better known as a "cat's 
tongue", For very special effects in your baby skin different sizes of so called "berry markers" can be used. This will enable you to create a shiffery cold baby skin. For the interior wash (if you apply any) we use a fan brush to cover larger areas at once. 
By applying several layers of skin tones you will achieve a very transparant effect which doesn't look thick or painted as such. Veins that are made in the early stage of painting will shine through the upper layers. The Genesis reborn technique is developed by Secrist Dolls USA. The more experience you get the more you dare to mix colors yourself which enables you to make your own unique reborn babies!! 
Genesis paints can be used on most kinds of vinyl. Secrist's vinyl is absolute safe to heat in your oven, but not all other kinds of vinyl are! Please make sure your doll kit is. Otherwise you will have to heat the paints with a heat gun and are still able to achieve these miraculous effects! 
I hope that after working with Genesis paints you will be as enthousiastic about it as I am! 

Wilma Abels 
Atelier Wiesje

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