Sneak Peak - Leo

Sneak Peek!          
Pre Ordering opens 26st February at 19:00 Hrs CET
Doll kit 19 Leo
Cassie Brace
Limited Editie : 700 st world wide

Adorable Leo is modeled by the very talented Cassie Brace. 
Leo is 19 inches - 47-48 cm tall has full arms and legs and is made in 
Chinees Soft Neutral vinyl..

Artist: Cassie Brace
Naam: Leo
Edition: Limited Edition - 700 World wide 
Size: 19 inch - 47,5 cm
This unpainted vinyl kit contains:
head, full arms and full legs
Size: 19 inches - 47-48 cm
Limbs: full arms and full legs
Fabric body: Includes Doe-suede body
Advice size eyes: Sleeping Baby

Certification folder :
- Certificate of authenticity, numbered and signed,
- Birth certificate Numbered,
- Thank you card and sales

Gifts: Cassie Brace Customised wooden baby brush 
         and a bag of organic cotton

Pre Order Opens 26st February at 19:00 Hrs CET