Team Atelier Wiesje


No anonymous web web-shop! 

Our team is ready for all our customers, customer satisfaction stands high at our thought-of. nothing for nothing we says quality we is what you see, Service is what you feel, Informtie is what you gets, experience is what you share, Atelier Wiesje provides that good quality, service, information and experience. And for this reason our team makes time for each customer.

Atelier Wiesje is not only a web shop where you can buy online your Supplies but also to a shop where you it can see the whole reborn assortment. We have even more also a complete collectie collectors bears,  Schildkröt dolls, Childeren musicboxes, Plush, Baby gifts, Ceramics and muts more to call on, visits our shop once personally we find it pleasant to make knowledge personally with our customers. 

For all your questions you  ask us by telephone or E-mail but have patience if you do not get an answer because we are then helping a another customer or just like you we have also on Sunday and s' evening a private life.
We ensure that your order tidy are packed and as soon as possible at you rightly comes. We provide world wide with shipping company and all the  parcels can be follow online with so-called trak-trace the system of this company

With Kind regards,

Team Atelier Wiesje