tutorial eyebrow

Tutorial Eyebrow: 

  • Pre-Mixed Eyebrow Paint or Eyebrow Pencil 
  • 3D Thick Medium 
  • Eyebrow Brush 
  • Porcelain or metal Paint Palette 
  • Heatgun 

Step 1 
Put a dab of Premixed Eyebrow Paint on your porcelain paint palette using a flat-sided toothpick. Do not use plastic palettes as they will react with Heat Set paints and melt. 

Step 2 
Gently draw the very tip of the brush along the surface of the vinyl leaving a single fine line for an eyebrow hair. A lighter touch will create a thinner eyebrow. Repeat this process until all eyebrow hairs are applied. 
With the eyebrows pencil the process is the same but then without painting.

Step 3
Paint or draw the eyebrows as you normally would. 
If the eyebrows have painted you with the heat set paint (genesis), firstly you must dry it with the heatgun. Lets the Painting firstly cool down for that you go further. 

Step 4
Using a small round brush apply the 3D Thick Medium in delicate but thick strokes right over top 
of the eyebrows. Paint one stroke of 3D Thick Medium for each stroke of color in the eyebrows. 
This repeats you to that you all eyebrow lines done has. 
To increase 3D effect you must some of the already painted lines dry with the heatgun, so that the new line can painted about this lines. 
Lets the thick medium firstly cool down for that you go further. 

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