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1001 - Catalog 2008

Secrist Tutorial Catalog

Article code: 1001

2008 Tutorial Catalog 

12 featured tutorials plus many mini tutorials on the most popular Secrist products. 
A must to have! 

The Secrist Tutorial Catalog is the first of its kind in the entire reborning industry. This catalog features 12 tutorials and many mini tutorials on the most popular products. The 96 full color pages show you all the supplies you have to choose from and how they are used! 
Catalog Contents: 
  • Introduction to Newborning 
  • Getting Started in Newborning 
  • Doll Kits Painted & Blank 
  • Bodies, Arms & Legs 
  • Real Eyes Brand Doll Eyes 
  • Tutorial: Creating Life-Like Baby Tears 
  • Paints & Painting Supplies 
  • Tutorial: Painting Realistic Baby Nails 
  • Tutorial: Got Milk Bumps? Creating Milia 
  • Paint Brushes for Newborning 
  • Tutorial: Assembling the Pin Vise 
  • Rooting & Hair Supplies 
  • Tutorial: Mohair Care & Styling 
  • Newborning Supplies & Accessories 
  • Clothing for Newborned Dolls 
  • Tutorial: Letting Your Baby Breath, Creating Nostrils 
  • Tutorial: Trimming & Adding Belly Plates 
  • Newborning Tools 
  • Tutorial: Using the Secrist Sculpting Form 
  • Sculpting Supplies 
  • Tutorial: Re-Sculpting an Existing Vinyl Doll 
  • Tutorial: Creating Clay Fairy Ears on Vinyl Dolls 
  • Tutorial: Using Baby Skin Texture Tools 
  • Tutorial Books by Excellence in Reborn Artistry 
  • Tutorial: Painting Veins on Eyelids 
  • Artist Highlight: Meet some of our sculptors! 

See doll kits in color, fully painted, or as blanks with no paint! At a price of just Euro 
€ 2,95 our Tutorial Catalog is a must have for the beginner or the advanced reborner! 
Looking to purchase finished reborned dolls? See the advertisements in our new catalog for reborners who offer finished dolls for purchase. Most ship internationally and accept PayPal! 

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€ 2.75