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112531 - Dollkit 19 : Allice - by Violet Parker

Allice a baby of 19 inch - 46 cm

Article code: PD112531

Dollkit 19" : Alice - by Violet Parker

Alice is a 19 inch (46 cm.)  baby sculpted by Violet Parker.

The well known sculpt artist, Violet Parker, has joined with the "Dolls To Love" collection.  We are very excited to be able to offer these kits for sale now.  These kits are imported and are made of soft vinyl.  The kit includes the head, 3/4 arms and legs.

Alice is made of the highest quality soft vinyl.
The vinyl is manufactured according the high quality demands of the European standard EN 71 and guaranteed phthalate free!


Sculpt van Violet Parker

The reborn kit Includes:
  • Unpainted vinyl like head, arms and Legs.
    1. head
    2. 3/4 length arms
    3. 3/4 length legs
  • Custom-made disc.jointed body
  • Certificate

The following upgrade options are available: (Save Shippingcost!)
  • Real Acryl Eyes 18 or 20 mm
  • Lauschaer Kristal Eyes 18 or 20 mm 

€ 39.95