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201203 - DVD: Part 2 - Paint Creases, Blushing, Fine Detail Engelstalig

With Jaqueline Kramer

Article code: AW201203

DVD Part 2 - Painting - Creases, Blushing, & Fine Details
Genesis Heat Set Paints - with Jaqueline Kramer


Part 2 With Jaqueline Kramer - Creases, Blushing, & Fine Details
Detailed introduction to reborning techniques (with Genesis Paint).

Jacqueline Kramer is one of the world's top reborn artists. She started reborning in November of 2012. Jacqueline owns a clothing shop in which she sells baby and doll clothing. Her interest in reborning started when she wanted a model for her baby clothes. She took a course on how to paint dolls and liked it so much that she continued doing it. She is now a well known master reborn artist.
In this tutorial, Jacqueline steps us through some of her amazing painting techniques for creating ultra-realistic baby skin tones, undertones, and realistic veining.

Language: German with English Subtitles

Approximate run time: 99 minutes

€ 19.95