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250200 - Sculpting Kit: Art of Sculpting Mini baby 6" -Soon available

Start sculpting today with the best training DVD and kit available!

Article code: AW250200

Sculpting Kit: Art of Sculpting 6" Mini doll

Have you dreamed of making your own adorable miniature sculpts? Learn and create your own adorable sculpted babies with the training DVD and supplies in this Starter Kit. Enough clay, mohair, and paint for a bundle of babies. 

Includes Training and Supplies...
This great kit includes all the supplies and training you need to get started sculpting miniature babies. The training DVD includes step-by-step instructions on sculpting an adorable sleeping baby, chubby arms and legs, how to paint your baby sculpt (including all those adorable baby wrinkles), how to apply mohair, and even how to assemble your little bundle of love. 

The Miniature Baby Kit includes: 
  • Tutorial catalogus 2010 
  • Art of Sculpting 6" Babies Training 
  • Sculpt shaper Set (3) 
  • Penseel Filbert 4 
  • Penseel Round 1 
  • Super Sculpey Sculpting Clay 
  • 6" Romper 
  • 6" Cotton Slip 
  • Needle Punch Awl Tool 
  • Vinyl Trimming Knife 
  • Premiun High Quality Mohair Standaard 
  • Cosmetic Sponges 6 pices 
  • Cotton Tipped Applicators 10 pices 
  • AR Petite Paint Strawberry Lips 
  • AR Petite Paint Sweetheart Rose Blush 
  • Clay tools set 11 pices

What about baking?
When using Super Sculpey bake the finished sculpt for 15 minutes at 275 degrees. Time and temperature may change depending on stove and age of clay. Always refer to the manufacturer's box for exact baking instructions.

-Soon available