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250202 - Sculpting Kit: DeLuxe Art of Sculpting baby head -Soon available

Start sculpting today with the best training DVD and kit available!

Article code: AW250202

Sculpting Kit: Deluxe Art of Sculpting

Start sculpting today with the best training DVD and kit available! 

The Deluxe Sculpting Kit has everything the basic kit has and much more! With all the supplies included you'll have all the tools you need for years of sculpting fun. The tools can be used over and over again. 

The Deluxe Sculpting Kit includes: 
  • Tutorial catalogus 2010 
  • Art of Sculpting Training DVD 
  • Super Sculpey Clay - 1 pound 
  • Clay Pasta/Skin Machine 
  • Sculpting Form 
  • Eyes - Full Round 
  • Sculpt shaper Set (3 pc)
  • Clay Tool Set - Wooden & Metal (11 pc) 
  • Acrylic Poly Roller 
  • Clay Palette Knife 
  • Vinyl Trimming Knife with extra blades 
  • Oven Thermometer 

Is it permanent?
When you are finished sculpting the head you do not remove the form. It is cooked right inside the head! The only way to remove it would be to destroy the head. The form is much like a skeleton and is permanent. 

What about baking?
When using Super Sculpey bake the finished sculpt for 15 minutes at 135 degrees Celsius. 
Time and temperature may change depending on stove and age of clay. Always refer to the manufacturer's box for exact baking instructions. 

Watch a segment of the sculpting training DVD online!

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