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250303 - Paint Set : Jo sonja Advance Paint Set

This Jo Sonja painting set included the 10 basic paint colors and the acryl activator

Article code: AW250303

Jo Sonja Advance Paint Set
10 x 30 ml + 1 x 50 ml

Try out the quality and possibilities of Jo Sonja we offer you those try out kits. Do not fear and use  the possibilities of the Jo Sonja experiencing painting. 

The Jo Sonja painting are very best quality and best working painting system. If you never has been painted with acrylic painted you will be astonished of the quality and the possibilities of acrylic resin polymeric technology. 
Jo Sonja acrylic are clean and safe alternative for practisch even if your specific painter wishes have and concerning the complete world meanwhile a lot of artists already in abundance do enjoy and astonish.

The Jo Sonja painting are 100 percents gepigmenteerde painting, as a result of which the colours also after a lot of years irradiation preserved as if they have been introduced exactly.

Beside the genesis paint be the Jo Sonja paint most used the paintings for painting the reborn babies. 

Acrylic resin activator: 
For the Jo Sonja paintings an activator is necessary paintings let attach on vinyl. after dry a time of 24 hours it is no longer possible remove painting.

The use of acrylic resin activator: 
Proportion of the activator mixes with painting is 1:1, this means that the quantity painting right must be to the quantity activator. Mix pallet and do in this required painting and a quantity activator take. Mix with a brush a smattering painting with and the activator separately in mixes pallet and meg this that exactly 2 or 3 parts of water to make painting transparent. To make still transparente painting can you more water add.

Deze set bevat de volgende kleuren:
  • Skin tone base 30 ml
  • Warm white 30 ml
  • Pthalo blue 30 ml
  • Burnt umber 30 ml
  • Burgundy 30 ml
  • Plum pink 30 ml
  • Brown earth 30 ml
  • Permanent purple madder 30 ml
  • Sap green 30 ml
  • Smoked pearl 30 ml
  • Acryl Sealer 50 ml

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