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300360 - Dollkit 28 - Twin - Lin Lin + Min Min - € 299,00

Sculpt van Ping Lau

Article code: AW300360

Dollkit 28" : Twins - Lin Lin and Min Min
full arms and full legs
Open Edition 

Lin Lin and Min Min are 28 inch (70 cm) very lifelike reborn toddlers.
New reborn kits by Ping Lau, is made of high quality soft vinyl in a soft skin colour. Lin Lin and Min Min has full vinyl arms and full vinyl bend legs.

The kits are made of a high quality skin colored soft vinyl, produced in Germany and phthalate free.
New kits from Ping Lau will come as a blank kit, including head, limbs, upper torso, connectors, Cloth body, and certificate. 

Artist: Ping Lau
Name: Lin Lin and Min Min
Edition : Open Edition
Certificate :  Certificate Of Authenticity - COA 
Length: 28 inch - 70 cm
Head circumference: 16,5  inch - 41,2 cm
Limbs: full arms and full legs
Eyes: 22 mm:  exclusive
Body: non-jointed cloth body: included
Vinyl Upper Torso
Vinyl: produced in Germany | light skin colour

Lin Lin
Min Min 

The kit will consist of: 
- Unpainted vinyl (head,  full arms and fulll legs)
- Unpainted vinyl Upper Torso
- Connector for head and arms
- Cloth body ( specifically designed for Lin Lin and Min Min )
- Certificate of authenticity. (COA)

318.00  € 299.00