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309113 - Dollkit 14" : Marbles - Limited 220 pcs

Sculpt van Jade Warner

Article code: AW309113

Kitten - Marbles
Limited edition 220 world wide

Look at this sweet litte kitten with the naughty twinkle in her eyes

Marbles is a brand new Limited Edition reborn vinyl kit by Jade Warner.
She is famous for her animal kits!
Marbles will measure approximately 14 inches when complete. She has full limbs and a tail. A body for Marbles will be included. 

Marbles is made of high quality soft light coloured vinyl.  Kitten Marbles will be appr. 14 inch (35 cm.) tall when reborn. 

  • Kit Name : Marbles
  • Finished size : 14" 
  • Eyes : 18 mm

The kit exists of the following components: 
  • Head, 
  • Full legs.
  • Tail
  • Doe suede body
  • Numbered certificate

Sculpt by Jade Warner

The following upgrade options are available: 
  • Acryl half round Eyes 18 mm
  • Lauschear kristall half round eyes 18 mm

€ 82.50