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312102 - Doll Kit 12" : Giggles- Head & 3/4 Limbs

Giggles is about 12 inch long.

Article code: AW312102

12" Giggles Head & 3/4 Limbs

Giggles is about 12" long.comes in Secrist's own special baby-soft vinyl that is translucent just like a real baby's skin. She comes unpainted and unassembled. 

Secrist Doll Company now offers the tiniest doll kit available with our adorable 12" Micro Preemie Giggles. this baby is the most inexpensive doll kit available in the doll kit industry! Giggles is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. You'll love the small 12" size of Giggles making this doll the preferred choice for children and collectors who just don't have as much room as they used too. 

The reborn kit Includes:
  • Unpainted vinyl like
- Head
- 3/4 Length arms
- 3/4 Length legs

The following upgrade options are available: 
  • Cloth body (includes ty-wraps) 
  • Eyes 12 mm.

39.90  € 25.00