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380131 - Body : Plastic Weighting Pellets 1000 gr

Perfect for giving your baby real baby weight

Article code: AW380131

Weighting Pellets Plastic 

1000gr. per bag. Perfect for giving your baby "real baby" weight 

A weighted newborn baby doll adds so much to the feel of realism! Your baby should be stuffed enough to keep their shape but not so much that they feel as hard as a dried out loaf of bread (suggested weight is no more then 4 pounds). 
You want the body shape to shift a little as you cuddle the baby. The best way to achieve this effect is to use semi-round-shaped clean, quality made plastic beads. Our beads are made of a very stable material that will not discolor, give off oily substances, shrink or have sharp little points. These beads will gently roll around and shift within the baby's bottom (cloth body) so her little body will nestle within your arms.
If you would like to learn how to use these most effectively see our DVD training series, "The Art of Newborning.

average pellet size 2-3 mm

€ 5.50