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400130 - Rooting : Baby Styling Hair Conditioner

Conditions the mohair and works as a styling aid.

Article code: AW400130

Baby Styling Conditioner

Conditions the mohair and works as a styling aid. 

We use Baby Hair Styling conditioner to create a baby curl and other adorable hairstyles. This conditioner will not leave a residue on the hair like hairspray. Wiesje Baby Hair Conditioner provides direct combability and shine.

The spray provides instant combability, silky soft hair and a natural shine. The spray contains 89% ingredients of natural origin.

Wiesje Hair Styling Conditioner has been specially developed for the needs of dull and breakable mohair. The spray on the mohair smoothes the hair surface and gives the hair natural shine. Regular use of the conditoner on your reborn baby's
hair prevents the mohair from felting.

It is advisable to always do a small test to see if the color of the mohair does not run. In the process of dying the mohair by the manufacturer also a conditioner is
used. If that conditioner does not match ours it might cause running of the dye used to color the mohair. If this happens, it happens mostly with darker mohair colors.

This is a professional baby hair additive for styling with a pleasant scent.

€ 8.95