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402250 - Rooting : Royal HQ Mohair - Light Golden Blonde

ca. 15 gram - Slightly Wavy Mohair

Article code: AW402250

Royal High Quality Mohair - Light Golden Blonde 
Slightly Wavy - 15 gr

Our Royal HQ Mohair has a nice light wave that is excellent for rooting reborn babies. Our mohair is prepared by hand and dyed by hand and then washed well to prevent color bleeding. In our webshop we offer you 6 different colors.

This mohair is well conditioned and then tied into strands. Average length per Bundles is approx. 5-7 inches / 12.5-17.5 cm.

This slightly wavy Royal High Quality Mohair is dyed using quality dyes to ensure color fastness and avoid fading / fading. Available in various natural looking shades.

The Royal HQ Mohair is offered in bundles of approximately 15 gr - ½ Oz. and is sufficient for the rooting of 1 to 2 baby heads. (of course depending on how full your root is and the size of the reborn head)

Please note:
Because this mohair is a natural product and subject to dyeing, the same colours from different batches might vary slightly. Also the colours on your computer screen may vary, depending on the quality of your monitor and/or graphics card.


- Slightly Wavy Mohair - (2 Bundles)
- Weight Total approx. 15 gr
- Length approx. 5-7 inch / 12,5-17,5 cm

Care of Mohair
Mohair is a natural product that comes from an angora goat or alpaca lama, actually it is the hair of a goat or lama.
Just like our own hair, the mohair also needs care.
Please keep mohair in the bag until you are ready to use. Mohair tends to dry out if left exposed.
If this happens spray with a little water and conditioner and gently comb with a metal comb. DO NOT BRUSH. Brushing will make the mohair fluffy!!
Keep away from extreme heat/dryness or cold. Keep at room temperature.

Our manufacturer only uses dyes specially designed for mohair. While every precaution has been taken to fix the dye, it is advisable to test the mohair before rooting, to make sure the colour does not bleed. ESPECIALLY DARK DYES. When you spray the mohair, your conditioner can sometimes react with our conditioner which can make dyes bleed. Should this occur, just rinse your mohair
with lukewarm water, comb carefully and let it dry. There will be no colour faded, you can use the mohair the way you are used to.

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