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410006 - Paint : Petite Paint Matte Varnish - Not available

Petite Paint Matte Varnish

Article code: AW410006

Economy Petite Matte Varnish Sealer

Petite size - Remove the doll-like shine for a more realistic matte baby skin finish. Nothing says "doll" like a plastic shine! 

Does your baby ever get shiny as you add more paint? Or have you ever you cooked her a little too long and she become shiny out of the oven? Some types of vinyl are more prone to becoming shiny than others. Secrist vinyl does not shine but if you need to tone down shine caused by over cooking or painting then Heat-Set Matte Varnish is what you need! Remove that unwanted doll-like shine and give your baby back her more realistic matte baby skin finish.

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