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410011 - Paint : Petite Paint 3D Eyebrown - Thick medium - Not available

Petite Paint 3D Eyebrown - Thick medium

Article code: AW410011

Economy Petite 3D Eyebrown - Thick medium

Make amazingly realistic three dimensional eyebrows! 

Make eyebrows look 3 dimensional with Thick Medium from Genesis Paints. Mix your own Genesis paint colors and then add Thick Medium to make those tiny little baby eyebrows stand out like real hair. 
To use: apply it with a short, narrow and stiff brush over baked-on eyebrows. You can add as many layers as you want until you get the effect you desire. It usually requires two layers to get the hair-like texture you want. 
The picture below shows the three dimensional look you can obtain with the thickening medium. You may need to apply several layers, cooking between each layer, to get the thickness you desire. 


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