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410900 - Paint: Basic Petite paint set - Not available

Our standard basic colors used in our Genesis Painting DVD - nine colors in all.

Article code: AW410900

Petite Basic Paint Set
9 colors

Nine Genesis paints for the beginner on a budget!

Finally a cheaper way to get all the paints a novice newborner needs to get started! The petite paint set includes all nine of the paints shown in the Genesis Painting DVD (excludes the ethnic paints). 
This set includes enough paint for approximately 4 to 8 dolls depending on the artist's paint application and usage. 

  • Burnt Umber 
  • Phthalo Blue 
  • Phthalo Green 
  • Titanium White 
  • Dioxazine Purple 
  • Glazing Gel 
  • Flesh 08 
  • Flesh 07 
  • Pyrrhol Red 

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