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415007 - Paint : AR Colour Thinning Glaze Medium - Not available

Authentic Reborn Medium, Contents 5ml

Article code: AW415007

Genesis Thinning Medium

Color Thinning Medium will make standard or intense paint colors lighter. 

Color Thinning Medium will make standard or intense paint colors lighter - perfect for the professional who likes to mix their own paints. Color Thinning Medium achieves the same affect on paint as odorless thinner does, but without the soupy mess. Color Thinning Medium is a gel and won't make your paint runny at all - instead, your paint will go on smoothly and evenly.

1 Ounce Jar / 30ml

Do NOT use thinner with Authentic Reborn brand paints.
Authentic Reborn brand heat-set paints are designed to be 50% more transparent from the start so you don't need to use any thinner at all.  When applied these paints produce a natural transparent color complexion that is significantly more lifelike than any other paint available! Authentic Reborn color paints let you create your own color mixes yet still retain that extraordinary natural color transparency that Authentic Reborn paints are known for. Authentic Reborn Color Paints are great for reborners who want to start mixing their own paints. Consider our Paint Mix Guidance Chart if you are new to mixing your own paints.

Genesis brand heat-set paints are also available. Genesis heat set paints do not have any transparency and are designed to be used with odorless thinner.

Bake all Authentic Reborn paints at 265° Fahrenheit or 130° Celsius. Suggested bake time is 8 minutes. Or Use Our Heatgun!

1 Ounce jar / 30 ml

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