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415100 - Paint : AR Premixed Skin Texture Foundation - Not available

Contents 1 Ounce Jar / 30ml

Article code: AW415100

Authentic Reborn: 
Premixed Skin Texture Foundation

Real babies have tiny, tiny baby hair and skin pores all over their face and limbs. Authentic Reborn's Skin Texture Foundation heat-set paint gives you the ability to create that same look on your reborn baby too. Create gentle semitransparent dot patterns that strongly resemble the look of soft baby skin. 

For best results, use this premix with our mushroom sponges. With the mushroom sponge you can apply the foundational skin texture pattern easily and without looking chalky! Learn how to use the mushroom sponges in our Course #3 Training DVD

Click here to see our FREE online tutorial for using the mushroom sponges.

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