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415901 - Paint : AR Petite Eyelid & MicroVein Complexion - Not available

Authentic Reborn Paint Complexion Set (4 jar)

Article code: AW415901

Authentic Reborn: 
Petite Premixed Complexion Eyelid & MicroVein 

Make your baby's eyelids look incredibly real with the Premixed Eyelid tint colors & Micro Vein Paint. 

  • Eyelid Tint Purple 
  • Eyelid Tint Blue 
  • Eyelid Micro Vein Red 
  • Moist Glaze Medium Ultra Soft 

Authentic Reborn has developed a premixed paint colors just for baby eyelids. This Paint colors for correct eyelid tint. Use also our new Ultra soft moist glazing mediumfor making your baby’s eyelids look moist and soft.

Be sure to use the Eyebrow Hair and Eyelid Vein Guide. This photo technique guide shows you real babies eyelids and micro veins up close so that you can study them and then create your own.

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