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415902 - Paint : AR Petite Eyebrown Complexion

Authentic Reborn Paint Complexion Set (4 jar)

Article code: AW415902

Authentic Reborn: Petite Premixed Blond Eyebrow Paint
Petite jars come with 5 grams of paint.

Authentic Reborn eyebrow premixes give you the ability to create eyebrows that are barely there without any thinner or mixing. This effect is achieved with exclusive Authentic Reborn transparency. This makes it possible to have brown eyebrows yet delicately light in color. Keep your baby from having dark eyebrows. Use premixed eyebrow paint for the greatest realism in your newborn creation. 
We all know that real babies have hair in all different colors from dark to very light. Authentic Reborn offers eyebrow premixes in a variety of colors to suit your needs. Each color is highly transparent and doesn't require any odorless thinner. Use the Eyebrow brush to create delicately fine eyebrow hairs on your baby with any of the four eyebrow premixes:

  • Blond 
  • Brown 
  • Chocolate Brown 
  • Dark Brown 

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