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6101 - DVD: Art of Newborning Engelstalig

Highly detailed training with many close ups!

Article code: 6101

The Art of Newborning DVD

The original newborning DVD is a special two-hour, 2-disc set. In this video, pat Secrist and Stephanie Sullivan
guide the vieuwer through all aspects of reborning and newborning dolls.

Easy to follow instructions include:
- Reborning - removing paint and hair
- Painting instructions and tips
- Detailing
- Painting fingernails and lips
- Inserting eyes
- Applying eyelashes
- Rooting hair
- Body weighting techniques
- A great comprehensive guide for the beginner.

Notice: Due to copyright protection all DVDs, Special Technique Tutorials and  all technique guides are non-returnable.
These products may not be returned for  a refund. Defective products may be exchanged only (no refunds or credits) for  exactly the same title returned. 

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