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6108 - DVD: beginners Newborning Spaanstalig

Now Spanish and Portuguese reborners can learn the art of newborning.

Article code: 6108

Beginner Classroom Spanish & Portuguese

Now Spanish and Portuguese reborners can learn the art of newborning in their own language. This is the same DVD lesson except that Monickie Monteiro Ürbanjos translates every step that Pat teaches into the Spanish and Portuguese language. 
  • Easily Follow Each Step 
  • Instant Re-Play 
  • Share the Fun

Easily navigate through the steps while you follow along or go back later and replay a step if needed.
At the beginning of each segment Pat shows you exactly what tools to use for each step
Pat demonstrates up close how to use each tool so you can see and learn each technique for yourself. 
At the end of each section the DVD will automatically pause. This is your cue to try the step yourself!
  • Easily Follow Each Step! The DVD automatically pauses after each step is demonstrated up close from three different angles. 
  • Instant Re-Play! At a normal class you have one chance to get it right. Then you go home and try to remember what you learned. With our Learn-at-Home Classroom DVD you can "take the class" as many times as you'd like because you are in total control of your learning. 
  • Share the Fun! You can even share this experience with your friends by inviting them to learn with you. Its lots of fun to share the experience and learn together - have a newborn party and you can all start an adorable and fulfilling new hobby together. 
The Beginner Classroom DVD uses the Genesis Pre-Mixed Paints. No need to waste time mixing paints! Our pre-mixed paints help to make your in-home class more fun and even easier.

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