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6111 - DVD: Course #2: Preemie Engelstalig

Reborn a Preemie baby

Article code: 6111

DVD: Course #2: Preemie

Reborn a Preemie baby

Pate Secrist shows you step by step how to make your own 17" preemie reborn baby. Learn five important paint steps and final assembly to bring your baby to life. 
This DVD uses the following paints and brushes: 
Strawberry Complexion Blush Paint 
Strawberry Complexion Crease & Wrinkle Paint 
Premixed Eyebrow Paint 
Detail Mop Brush #3 
Lip & nail Brush #4 
Eyebrow Brush #5 
Crease & Wrinkle Brush #7 
Learn how to: 
Use Authentic Reborn paints and techniques 
Blush the foundation layer & add blush details 
Paint creases, wrinkles, lips, and eyebrows 
Paint the arms and legs 
Paint the finger and toe nails 
Assemble your 17" baby

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€ 18.95