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7106A - Rooting : EZ Lasher open eyes -Soon available

Eyelash in one easy step!The

Article code: 7106A

E-Z Lashes Tool for Open Eyed Dolls - Medium


The E-Z-Lasher is the tool that Pat developed for use in his factory when his people got tired of using tweezers and toothpicks to coax the eyelashes into the right place. It can make a real mess when one end of the eyelash, with the glue already on it, pops out off the eyelid and gets glue all over the eye and you too. The E-Z-Lasher grips the eyelash and shapes it to fit the curve of the eye so that you can install the eyelash in one easy step. Once you get the knack for using this tool you'll be putting eyelashes on in just one step. It only takes seconds with the E-Z-Lasher. 

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