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7111 - Rooting : E6000 Glue 5 ml - 29 ml

For gluing eyes, nose, and mouth materials inside head and much more!

Article code: 7111

E-6000 Glue


This tube of glue is indispensable for gluing eyes, nose, and mouth materials inside head.  

Also very suitable for the magnets of the pacifiers and her bows stuck to glue.
or to glue dark felt behind the nose and mouth on dolls that will "breath" or have an open mouth

E-6000 is a recommended glue that is used by professional reborn artist. It is bright, waterproof, flexible and attaches well. 
It's hard to find a local hobby shop in glue with these qualities. You can also use the E-6000 glue the hair geroete.

Available in tubes of 5 or 29 ml. 

If you would like to learn how to use these most effectively see our DVD training series, "The Art of Newborning.

€ 2.25