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7222 - Reborn tools: Daylight Lamp With Magnifier Large - Not available

Paint your babies in the daylight with this new tabletop daylight lamp.

Article code: 7222

Daylight Lamp With Magnifier Large 

Paint your babies in the daylight with this new tabletop daylight lamp. Includes detachable magnifying glass for closeup work.

Spot your mistakes BEFORE you bake with this lighted magnifying glass. You won't ruin your babies when you can see the quality of your work close up like this. If you can't see the detail then you can't paint it. Daylight is the very best light you could have but the weather doesn't always cooperate with your reborning schedule. The Daylight company now offers these tabletop lamps that produce true full spectrum "Day light" so that you can be sure to mix your colors right. Don't ruin your baby by leaving little lines in the skin texture step that you didn't see during application! This lamp also includes a large detachable magnifying glass. Use this for painting on the fine detail in eyebrows and even the dot pattern needed for life-like baby skin textures. Most people can't see the detail so they can't paint it on thier baby.

This lamp is designed for 120 volts AC 60HZ 0.375 Amps 
Technical information
  • Height: 50cm 
  • Light: 18w DaylightTM tube (U13621) 
  • Lens: 13cm, 1.75 X magnification 
  • Comes with 1 removable magnifier . 

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