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7403 - Paint Supplies : Cosmetic Sponges 24 pices

Whenever you use paint you want to also use cosmetic foam wedges.

Article code: 7403

Cosmetic Foam Wedges

Cosmetic foam wedges are indispensable when reborning or newborning a beautiful doll. 

When painting your doll always have cosmetic foam wedges on hand for paint application. Women have been using these for years to apply cosmetics to their own faces and we recommend you use this same tool to apply your heat-set paints to the face of your baby! These special sponges will help you control the blushing on the cheeks, the tone of the eyebrows, the overall skin pigmentation and more. 

Learn how to make your baby's skin come alive with warmth and beauty in our training DVD, "Painting with Genesis Heat-Set Paints."

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