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7414 - Paint Supplies : Heat Drying Gun

Drying Gun 220 Volt For baking Genesis and Authentic Reborn Paints.

Article code: 7414

Heat Gun 220 Volt

For baking Genesis and Authentic Reborn Paints

Now you can bake your Genesis Paints even if you are not near a kitchen oven. With the Genesis Drying Gun you can do spot touch-ups on the go where you only need to add a little more paint. What do you do if your doll is already rooted and eyelashed but you need to touch up the paint? That's where the Genesis Drying Gun comes in handy. You can focus the Genesis Drying Gun just where you want it to go without over baking the areas around it. 

Tip: Hold the nozzle no closer than 3 inches from the surface, and keep it moving as you dry the paint. It typically takes about a minute to dry a 2 inch area, but you will have to experiment with your technique. Test the dried paint with a damp swab to make sure no paint rubs off. If it does, re-heat and test again.

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