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7731B - Accessories : Extra Strong HairBow Magnets 6/2

Extra strong Magnets to keep the bow on his place

Article code: 7731B

Pacifier Magnets Extra Strong (Pair)

One pair of super-strength magnets! 

These high powered little magnets are the strongest we've ever come across! Your baby's Hairbow will be extra secure. 
Add one magnet on the bow using an extra strong super glue, like our E6000 glue. Glue the other magnet inside the doll's head.

Want your baby to hold a toy? This is a great way to add an wonderful tender touch to your tot. Glue the magnet inside the hand and the other magnet onto (or inside of) a small baby toy!
Two magnets per set. 

Tiny magnets cannot sent by lettermail. Because they get stuck in the mailbox or in the sorting machine. So the magnets can only be sent as a parcel.

1 pair of magnets excluding hair bow

Size Magnet: diameter ø 6 mm thickness 2 mm

Because of the magnets can this article not be sent as letter mail!

€ 1.75