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AW300243 - Dollkit 20 - Belgin

Sculpt van Ping Lau

Article code: AW300243

Dollkit 20" : Belgin  Full arms and Full legs

Again an adorable new sculpt from Ping Lau. Belgin is a delightful baby with a very funny facial expression. Belgin will be 20 inches tall approx 45 cm. when reborn and has full arms and legs.
Belgin was sculpted with the most beautiful and realistic details of a baby and has beautifully
sculpted open hands to hold toys! Ping Lau has put all her love in this sculpt. 
A non-gender belly plate is included with this kit. A cloth body can be ordered seperately.

Name: Belgin
Size :20 inch - 50 cm 
Eyes:  22 mm

Sculpt by Ping Lau

The kit will consist of: 
  • Unpainted vinyl head, full arms and full legs.
Full length arms
Full length Legs
  • Non-gender belly plate

The following upgrade options are available: 
  • Cloth body (specifically designed for Belgin)
  • Acryl half round Eyes 22 mm
  • Lauschear kristall half round Eyes 22 mm
**This is a pre-order doll kit, not a completed doll.  
A € 25.00 non-refundable, non-transferable pre-order deposit is REQUIRED to pre-order this doll kit (each sold separately)!

€ 99.90