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AW300277 - Dollkit 20 - Jocy Limited Edition 1000 - UITVERKOCHT

Sculpt van Olga Auer

Article code: AW300277

Dollkit 20" : Jocy - full arms and full legs
Limited Edition

An adorable new sculpt from Olga Auer. And a newborn again this time after premature baby Salia! 
Jocy is a andorable cutie that is looking into the world with a very surprised expression.
Jocy will be 20 inches tall approx.. 50 cm. when reborn and has full arms and legs.
A numbered certificate of authenticity will be supplied with the kit.
Prior to pre-orders the limitation of the kit has been set on 1000 pcs. world wide.

Luise was sculpted with the most beautiful and realistic details of a baby. 

A cloth body and a numbered certificate will be supplied with this kit.

The kit has been made of a high quality Chinese light skin coloured soft vinyl and
phthalate free.

Artist: Olga Auer
Name: Jocy
Edition : Limited 1000 Pce
Certificate : Numbered COA 
Length: 20 inch - 50 cm
Head circumference: 13,35  inch - 33,37 cm
Limbs: full arms and full legs
Eyes: 20 mm
Body: Non-jointed Cloth body included
Vinyl: Produced in China | light skin color
Estimated delivery:  May 2019

The kit will consist of: 
  • Unpainted vinyl head, full arms and full legs.
    • Head
    • full length arms
    • full length legs
  • Non-Jointed Cloth body (specifically designed)
  • LE numbered certificate of authenticity.