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AW300290 - Dollkit 20 - Jack - € 105,90 - UITVERKOCHT

Sculpt van Nikki Johnston

Article code: AW300290

Dollkit 20" : Jack  Full arms and Full legs
Limited Edition

As the first kits by Nikki Johnston in our reborn line, we have the beautiful twins Jack & Posy. Both reborn babies are, approx. 50 cm. in size. (20 inch) 
The twin kits both have full arms and legs and come with a body included. 

Twins Jack & Posy are sculpted with the most beautiful and realistic details of a real born baby with real capturing features.. Particularly beautiful are the hands. Jack is a sleeping reborn baby and Posy is already awake. 

The kits are manufactured from high quality soft vinyl Chinese free guaranteed! Light skin colour.

Jack and Posy can be ordered seperately or as a combined special offer!

Artist: Nikki Johnston
Name: Jack
Edition : Limited editie 900 pcs
Certificate : Nummerd certificaat
Size: 20 inch -  50 cm
Head circumference: 13,5 inch - 33 cm
Limbs: Full arms and legs
Eyes: - - mm - not included
Cloth body: Fitting body - included 
Vinyl: Chinese
Delivery: September 2019

Sculpt by Nikki Johnston

The kit will consist of: 
  • Unpainted vinyl head, full arms and full legs.
    • Head
    • Full length arms
    • Full length bent legs
  • Cloth body 

The following upgrade options are available: 
  • Belly plate - Non gender