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AW300317 - Dollkit 22 - Lennox - Limited Edition

Sculpt by Andrea Arcello

Article code: AW300317

Dollkit 22" : Lennox - full arms and full legs
Limited Edition

Another great sculpt by Andrea Arcello!!  Adorable Lennox will be produced in German vinyl and her kit will consist of a head, full arms, full legs and COA.  Lennox will reborn into a baby of 21"- 22" (55 cm.)

Princess Lennox! 
How royal does that name sound?! This little one is full of expression! If you know the work of Andrea Arcello you know she loves a different and new look for her kits. That is what sets her sculpts apart from other lovely sculptors. While her twin sister Huxley has a soft and docile look, Lennox is smiling so big that her little nose scrunches up showing her toothless gummy grin and squinty eyes. As far as we know this is the first ever kit with a scrunched-up nose as babies tend to make matched with a big cheesy smile! 
The kit is made of German soft vinyl and includes head, full arms and full legs, the reborn baby will be approx. 55cm (22 ") tall.  

Artist: Andrea Arcello
Name: Lennox
Edition : Limited Edition
Certificate : Numbered COA 
Length: 22 inch - 55 cm
Head circumference:  15,2  inch - 38 cm
Limbs: full arms and full legs
Eyes: 20 mm (excluding)
Body: Non-jointed Cloth body (excluding)
Vinyl: Produced in Germany | light skin colour
Estimated delivery:  September/October 2020

The kit will consist of: 
  • Unpainted vinyl head, full arms and full legs.
    • Head
    • full length arms
    • full length legs
  • Numbered - LE certificate of authenticity.

The following upgrade options are available: 
  • Non-Jointed Cloth body (specifically designed for Lennox)

€ 99.90