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AW380002 - Dollkit 19 - Harry

Sculpt by Linda Murray

Article code: AW380002

Dollkit 19" : Harry - ¾ arms and ¾ Legs

Harry with Ultra Suedé Body or boy / girl torso 
19" (48 cm)  

Meet Harry, the first of our New Generation CradleKits in CradleSoft vinyl with fully jointed  cloth body.

 ultrasuede body 

 cloth jointed inner body + torso Boy or Girl

Certificate of Autenticity



Sculpts by Linda Murray
The photographs show Harry reborn and completed by Helen Jalland

The kit will consist of: 
  • Unpainted vinyl kit (head,  ¾ arms and ¾ legs)
  • specifically designed Body for Harry)
    • either an ultrasuede body = standard kit (without the vinyl torso) 
    • or a cloth jointed inner body + vinyl torso (please specify male or female)
  • Certificate of Autenticity

To order separately: 
  • Real Acryl Eyes 24 mm
  • Lauschaer Crystal  Glass Eyes 24 mm 

The new Generation CradleKits! We are delighted to offer the all new CradleKits incorporating some special design features. 

The very high standard of German vinyl is still there along with the German made cloth bodies. What we have done is soften the vinyl, especially for the limbs. 

The great thing about this new design is that we have also included a fully jointed cloth body. That way you have complete posing control and still have a lovely, snuggly baby.The cloth body is made in skin tones to blend with the vinyl and the joints are our normal, high quality, cotter pin joints.

The best of both worlds! Being able to have a realistic weighted baby with full posing ability is essential. This combination of cloth and vinyl bodies means that they will not fall apart and you will be able to handle and cuddle them with complete confidence. 

You can fill them as you would a normally without fear or concern of doing damage. We hope you will be as thrilled as we are when you meet your first New Generation CradleBaby and hold her in your arms.

€ 79.90