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AW380011 - Dollkit 20 - Bethany

Sculpt by Linda Murray

Article code: AW380011

Dollkit 20" : Bethany - ¾ arms and ¾ Legs

Bethany with Ultra doe Suedé Body - 20 (50 cm)  
Bethany is the lovely CradleKit sculpted by Linda. She was one of the first CradleKIts to be launched and is still as popular today as she ever was.

This very successful CradleKit contains the vinyl head, three-quarter length arms and legs made of the most beautiful German vinyl. Bethany is 20" - 21" when complete.

     Ultrasuede body                           Certificate of Autenticity

Sculpts by Linda Murray
The photographs show Bethany reborn and completed by Helen Jalland

The kit will consist of: 
  • Unpainted vinyl (head,  ¾ arms and Legs)
  • Ultra doe suéde Body + Tummy plate (specifically designed for Bethany)
  • Certificate of Autenticity

To order separately: 
  • Real Acryl Eyes 22 mm
  • Lauschaer Crystal  Glass Eyes 22 mm 

A superb Ultrasuede body specifically designed for Bethany is also included as standard.

As with all geruine CradleKits, you also receive a beautiful not numbered certificate of authenticity of the kit. 
In this certificate, you can post a picture of Bethany when you get ready with rebornen.

Designed especially for the Reborn Artist, the amount of love, care and attention to detail is of the highest standard.

The realism that is achieved in the reborning starts with the fine detail of the sculpt and the meticulous work that is carried out right through the creative wax mold making process and into the metal molds for the production of the vinyl parts. 

The Ultrasuede cloth bodies are produced to the same exacting standards.

€ 79.90