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Paint : Acryl Activator 50 ml

Special for Jo Sonja verf (waterbasic)

Article code: 8160B

Acryl activator - sealer
50 ml

Acrylic resin activator: 
For the Jo Sonja paintings an activator is necessary paintings let attach on vinyl. after dry a time of 24 hours it is no longer possible remove painting.

The use of acrylic resin activator: 
Proportion of the activator mixes with painting is 1:1, this means that the quantity painting right must be to the quantity activator. Mix pallet and do in this required painting and a quantity activator take. Mix with a brush a smattering painting with and the activator separately in mixes pallet and meg this that exactly 2 or 3 parts of water to make painting transparent. To make still transparente painting can you more water add.

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