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Paint : Acryl Matting Medium 100 ml

Special for Jo Sonja verf (waterbasic)

Article code: 8161A

Acryl Matting Medium
100 ml

For Painting Techniques; 
A light sealer that contains an extender for a longer drying time that dries matte. Use in the brush as a medium for color glazing or tinting and fine detail painting.

1. Dress the brush in a small amount of Mating Medium.
2. For side load or floated color pick up color on corner of brush.
3. Blend on palette walking the brush slightly in either direction for a soft
    gradual transition of color.
4. Apply color where desired and soften with the clean edge of the brush or
    stipple blend using an up and down pouncing motion.
5. For line work and detail blend Magic Mix into the brush until proper
    consistency and color is achieved. The thicker the paint the darker the
    color will be.
6. Allow to dry before the application of additional layers.
7. A Hheatgun Dryer can be used to accelerate drying. 
8. Multiple layers can be applied without surface becoming tacky.
9.Clean up with mild soap and cool water.

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